Why Old Dolls From Certain Brands Are Worth a Lot of Money

Old dolls are often worth a lot of money, especially if they are in good condition. The most valuable dolls are usually those that were made in the early 1900 s or before. Antique dolls can be worth thousands of dollars, and even more if they are rare or in mint condition. Many people collect old dolls as a hobby, and there are even clubs and organizations devoted to doll collecting. If you think you might have an old doll that is valuable, it is a good idea to do some research to find out its worth. You can also take it to an appraiser or antique dealer for an expert opinion.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Figurines. Price tag: $150

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles first burst on to the scene in 1984, and they’ve been a pop culture phenomenon ever since. These lovable foursome have spawned countless animated series, movies, video games, and of course, toys. And one of the most popular toy lines has always been the TMNT action figures.

Over the years, there have been many different incarnations of the Ninja Turtles toys, but some of the most highly sought after by collectors are the original 1980 s figures. Recently, a pristine condition set of all four original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures sold at auction for an astounding $150!

If you’re lucky enough to own any of these vintage TMNT toys, then you could be sitting on a small fortune. So dust off those old turtle figurines and check to see if you have a rare gem in your collection!

Blue Snaggletooth. Price tag: Up to $350

Blue Snaggletooth is a vintage Star Wars action figure that was released in 1978 by Kenner. The figure is significant because it was one of the first figures to be released for the Star Wars franchise, and it is also one of the rarest figures to find in mint condition. The figure was only available in certain markets, which makes it even more valuable to collectors.

The figure itself is very detailed, and features Blue Snaggletooth’s signature blue outfit and red eyes. The character was originally designed by Ralph McQuarrie, and his likeness was used for the figure. The figure stands at 3.75 inches tall, and has five points of articulation. It came with a small blaster pistol accessory that could be stored in a holster on Blue Snaggletooth’s leg.

The value of a Blue Snaggletooth figure varies depending on its condition, but mint condition figures can sell for upwards of $350. If you’re lucky enough to find one of these rare figures, it’s definitely worth holding on to!

Sand People Figurine Price tag: $450

If you’re a fan of the Star Wars franchise, then you know all about the Sand People. These mysterious creatures are native to the planet Tatooine, and they’re known for their strange, high-pitched cries. They’re also known for being incredibly dangerous, and they’re not to be messed with.

But what if you could own your very own Sand Person? That’s exactly what you can do with this Sand People figurine from 1978. This figure is made of resin and stands just shy of 12 inches tall. It’s been expertly painted to look just like a real Sand Person, complete with its signature hooded cloak.

And it doesn’t come cheap. This figure will set you back a cool $450, but it’s definitely worth it for any true Star Wars fan. So if you’ve got the cash and you’re looking for a unique piece of Star Wars memorabilia, then this Sand People figurine is definitely worth considering!

Devi Kroell Barbie. Price tag: $1,075

In recent years, a number of vintage Barbie dolls have been sold for eye-popping prices at auction. One of the most valuable is the Devi Kroell Barbie, which was created by designer Devi Kroell and released in 2007. This Barbie doll is based on the iconic fashion doll created by Mattel in 1959, and it comes with an outfit that replicates one of Barbie’s first ensembles. The doll also has a headpiece and jewelry designed by Kroell.

The Devi Kroell Barbie was produced in a limited edition of just 1,000 dolls, and it quickly became a coveted item among collectors. In 2015, one of these dolls sold at auction for $1,075. That price may seem high, but it’s actually quite reasonable when you consider that other vintage Barbies have sold for much more. For example, in 2016, an original 1959 Barbie doll wearing a pink dress and black shoes sold for $27.

Marie Antoinette Barbie. Price tag: $1,250

Marie Antoinette Barbie is a beautiful doll that is worth a lot of money. She is a collector’s item and her value will only continue to increase over time. If you are lucky enough to own one of these dolls, you should consider yourself very fortunate.

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Some antique dolls can be worth a lot of money, while others may not be worth very much at all. It really depends on the doll, its age, condition and provenance. For example, a Raggedy Ann doll from the early 20 t h century in excellent condition could be worth several thousand dollars, while a more common Barbie doll from the 1960 s might only be worth a few hundred dollars. It is important to do your research before selling or buying an antique doll, as there can be significant differences in value.

Calvin Klein Barbie

The Calvin Klein Barbie doll is made of plastic and stands 11.5 inches tall. The doll has blonde hair and blue eyes. She is wearing a black dress with a white collar and white cuffs. The dress also has the Calvin Klein logo on the front. The doll comes with a pair of black high heels, a purse, and sunglasses.

The original price for the Calvin Klein Barbie doll was $34.99. However, the doll is now worth much more than that due to its collectability value. Dolls that are in mint condition can sell for hundreds of dollars online.

If you are interested in collecting Barbie dolls, then the Calvin Klein Barbie would be an excellent addition to your collection!

Coach Barbie

The most valuable Coach Barbie is the Soccer Barbie from 1999. This Barbie is dressed in a soccer uniform and comes with a soccer ball. She is considered rare because she was only produced for one year. A mint condition Soccer Barbie can sell for over $500.

Other valuable Coach Barbies include the Basketball Barbie from 1998 and the Gymnastics Barbie from 2000. Both of these dolls are considered rare because they were only produced for two years. A mint condition Basketball Barbie can sell for over $400, while a mint condition Gymnastics Barbie can sell for over $300.

If you have a Coach Barbie that is in good condition, she could be worth quite a bit of money!

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