What Tourists Should Not Wear in Paris?

When visiting Paris, it is important to be aware of the dress code and to avoid offending the local population. While there is no strict dress code, there are certain items of clothing that are considered offensive or inappropriate. Tourists should avoid wearing anything that is too revealing, such as shorts or skirts that are too short, or tops that are low-cut or show too much cleavage. It is also advisable to avoid wearing anything with profanity or offensive images printed on it.

Baggy T-shirts With big Colorful words Printed on them

If you must wear a T-shirt while in Paris, opt for a fitted or semi-fitted style in a solid color. And be sure to avoid any shirts with graphic images or text that could be considered offensive. After all, when in Rome (or Paris), do as the Romans (or Parisians) do!


Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to break out your stilettos for a trip to the Louvre. Just remember that Paris is a fashionable city, so it’s best to err on the side of caution and leave your sneakers at home.

Pum Pum shorts

These shorts are made of a stretchy material and are very tight, so they leave little to the imagination. They are also super short, so your bum will be on full display. Save these for the beach or the pool, but definitely not for exploring Paris.

Stilettos (High Heels)

Stilettos, or high heels, are a type of shoe that has a long, thin heel that is significantly taller than the toe. They are often considered to be sexy and feminine shoes, and are worn by women for special occasions or when they want to dress up. However, stilettos can be difficult to walk in and can cause pain in the feet, ankles, and legs. In addition, they can also damage the feet if they are not properly fitted.

If you’re planning on spending any time walking around Paris – which we highly recommend – then you’ll want to avoid wearing stilettos. The uneven cobblestone streets and sidewalks are treacherous enough without adding 4-inch heels into the mix. You’ll likely end up hobbling around more than enjoying yourself if you choose to wear them. Instead, opt for a pair of comfortable flats or low-heeled shoes that won’t leave you in agony by the end of the day.

Cargo Pants

The French capital is known for its chic fashion sense and elegant style. Cargo pants do not fit in with this aesthetic. They are too casual and relaxed-looking to be considered fashionable in Paris. If you want to blend in with the locals and not stick out like a tourist, avoid wearing cargo pants while sightseeing or strolling around town.

There are other clothing items that are more suitable for exploring Paris. For instance, women might want to wear dresses or skirts instead of pants. Men can opt for dress slacks or jeans instead of cargo pants. And everyone should consider packing a light jacket or sweater since the weather can be cool and unpredictable (especially in spring and fall).

So if you’re planning a trip to Paris anytime soon, leave your cargo pants at home!


If you’re planning to visit Paris during the warmer months, it’s important to pack a pair of comfortable sandals that you can walk in. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your footwear. First, avoid wearing any type of open-toe shoe, as this is considered very casual attire. Second, be aware that some streets in Paris can be quite cobbled and uneven, so choose a pair of sandals with good support and traction. Finally, remember that while Paris is generally a safe city, it’s always best to err on the side of caution when it comes to your personal belongings. Keep your valuables close to your body and don’t leave them unattended in public places.

Sweat Pants

Most tourists believe that they can pack whatever they want for a trip to Paris, but this simply isn’t the case. There are certain items of clothing that should be avoided at all costs, and sweatpants are definitely one of them. Wearing sweatpants in Paris is the equivalent of wearing a neon sign that says “I’m a tourist.” You will stick out like a sore thumb and you will probably be ridiculed by locals.

If you want to blend in with the locals, there are certain items of clothing that you should definitely avoid wearing. Sweatpants are one of those items. In Paris, people take their style very seriously, and they will not hesitate to judge you if your clothes don’t meet their standards. So, if you don’t want to be stared at and laughed at by locals, it’s best to avoid wearing sweatpants altogether.

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