What Should I Wear in Paris?

There’s no general purpose answer, as what you wear in Paris will largely depend on the time of year and the weather. However, there are some general tips that can help you put together a chic Parisian outfit no matter what the season.

One essential piece for any time of year is a good pair of comfortable walking shoes. You’ll be doing a lot of walking in Paris, so it’s important to have footwear that won’t leave you with painful blisters. In terms of clothing, layers are key in both winter and summer. In winter, you’ll want to make sure you have a warm coat, scarf, and hat to keep yourself cozy when temperatures drop. And in summer, breezy dresses and light layers will help keep you cool when temperatures rise.

No matter what time of year you visit Paris, remember that effortless style is key. The best way to achieve this is by keeping your outfit simple and avoiding anything too flashy or over-the-top. With these guidelines in mind, you’re sure to look like a chic Parisian no matter what you wear!

Smart jeans. French women know good jeans look for straight-leg, in classic denim blue

Smart jeans are a must-have in any French woman’s wardrobe. They are the perfect go-to for a chic and effortless look. French women know that good jeans can make or break an outfit, so they take the time to find the perfect pair. The ideal smart jeans are straight-leg, in classic denim blue.

A great pair of smart jeans will hug your curves in all the right places and make your legs look miles long. They can be dressed up or down, depending on how you style them. To dress them up, pair your smart jeans with a silk blouse and heels. For a more casual look, try a tee shirt and sneakers. Either way, you’ll look chic and put-together.

Investing in a quality pair of smart jeans is worth it – they will last you for years to come and can be worn again and again. With the right care, your smart jeans will only get better with age. So don’t hesitate to splurge on a great pair – they are definitely worth it!


Whether you’re dressing for a casual lunch or a night out on the town, loafers are a great option. They’re comfortable, stylish, and versatile. Plus, they come in a variety of colors and materials to suit any outfit.

So if you’re looking for the perfect footwear to complete your Parisian ensemble, look no further than the trusty loafer!

A silk scarf

If you’re planning on visiting Paris, make sure you pack a few silk scarves in different colors and patterns. They’ll come in handy when you need an extra layer to keep warm or want to add some pizzazz to your outfit. Trust us, there’s nothing more chic than tying a silk scarf around your neck like the French do!

A classic trench

There’s something about a trench coat that just oozes Parisian chic. Whether you’re strolling down the Champs-Élysées or taking in the sights from the top of the Eiffel Tower, a trench is the perfect piece to keep you looking stylish and feeling comfortable. And while there are many different ways to style a trench, we think there’s something truly classic about keeping it simple.

So, if you’re wondering what to wear in Paris, consider reaching for a classic trench coat. To help you get started, we’ve put together some tips on how to style this iconic piece.

Start with a great foundation: A good quality trench coat is an investment piece that will last you for years, so it’s important to find one that fits well and flatters your figure. If you can, try on different styles and colors before making your purchase. Once you’ve found the perfect fit, consider having it tailored to ensure a perfect fit.

Choose your accessories wisely: When about accessorizing your look, less is definitely more when donning a classic trench. Opt for understated jewelry and carry a sleek handbag or clutch instead of an oversized tote or shoulder bag. And don’t forget about those all-important shoes! A great pair of pumps or flats can take your outfit from drab to fab in an instant.

Think about layering: One of the best things about trenches is their versatility when it comes to layering. If it’s chilly outside, simply throw on a scarf or light sweater beneath your coat for extra warmth (and style!). Alternatively, during warmer months ditch the heavy layers in favor of lighter fabrics like linen or cotton shirts and dresses – just be sure not to over do it or you’ll risk looking bulky instead of chic.

remember… : The key to nailing Parisian style is effortless elegance – something that can be achieved by following our simple tips above! With a little bit of thought and planning,you can easily incorporate a classic trench into your wardrobe regardless of season situation.

Hair slides

There are many different ways to style hair slides, but one of the most popular is the half-up, half-down look. To achieve this, simply pull your hair back into a low ponytail and secure with a clear elastic. Then, take two hair slides and slide them into the front section of your ponytail, letting the tails hang down. This is a great way to show off your slides while still keeping your hair out of your face.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, try wearing your hair slides in an up do. To do this, gather your hair into a high ponytail and secure with an elastic. Then, take two or three hair slides and slide them into the front section of your ponytail so that they sit just above your ears. You can then twist or braid the rest of your ponytail and secure with another elastic at the base. This up do is perfect for showing off those pretty little slides!

A cross body bag

Size: A cross body bag should be big enough to fit all of your essentials, but not so big that it becomes cumbersome to carry. If you plan on doing a lot of walking, look for a bag with a long strap that can be worn across the body. This will help distribute the weight evenly and prevent the bag from bouncing around as you walk.

Structure: The structure of a cross body bag is important in order to keep your belongings safe and secure. Look for bags with multiple compartments and zippered closures. This way, you can organize your things and know exactly where everything is when you need it.

Style: When about style, there are endless options available in terms of cross body bags. Whether you want something sleek and sophisticated or fun and funky, there is sure to be a bag out there that suits your taste. Consider what activities you will be doing while in Paris when choosing a style – if you plan on doing lots of sightseeing, opt for a comfortable backpack or daypack; if you anticipate spending more time dining and shopping, go for something chic like a small shoulder bag or clutch.

The silk camisole

Paris is the city of love, and what better way to show your special someone how much you care than by donning a romantic silk camisole? This delicate piece of lingerie is sure to set the mood for a night of passion, and its luxurious feel will make you feel like a million bucks.

When about choosing the perfect silk camisole, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, consider the color. While white is always classic and elegant, black can be incredibly sexy and alluring. If you want something that falls somewhere in between, opt for a shade of blush or champagne.

Next, think about the style of your camisole. There are many different cuts and silhouettes to choose from, so take some time to try on a few different options before making your final decision. If you’re looking for something that’s both comfortable and flattering, opt for a tank style with spaghetti straps. However, if you’re feeling bolder, go for a lace-up corset style or even one with built-in cups for extra support.

Finally, don’t forget about accessories! A pretty silk scarf can be draped around your shoulders or neck for an extra touch of elegance, or try pairing your camisole with some lacy panties for an irresistible boudoir look.

A fine knit cardigan

what to wear in Paris, a knit cardigan is always a good option. Not only will it keep you warm, but it can also be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. For example, pair it with jeans and sneakers for a casual daytime look or dress it up with slacks and heels for an evening out. However you choose to style it, a knit cardigan is definitely a versatile piece that should be in your wardrobe if you’re planning on spending any time in Paris.

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