What Should I Bring Back From Paris?

Regarding what to bring back from Paris, the list could go on forever. However, here are 10 of the most popular items that make great souvenirs from the City of Light.

1. A piece of jewelry from Cartier or another high-end jewelry store. Paris is known for its luxury goods, and a piece of jewelry is a timeless reminder of your trip.

2. A bottle of perfume from one of the city’s many famous perfume shops. French perfume is world-renowned, and you’ll be able to find a scent that suits you perfectly in Paris.

3. A designer handbag or wallet from one of the city’s many high-end fashion stores. If you’re looking for a new addition to your wardrobe, why not splurge on something from Paris? You’ll find plenty of options at stores like Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

4. A box of mac arons from Laduree or another famous pastry shop in Paris. These delicate cookies are a true taste of France, and they make for an impressive gift (or personal treat!).

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French Macarons

Regarding French mac arons, there are two key things that you need to know. Firstly, they are made with almond flour, which gives them their unique flavour and texture. Secondly, they should be filled with a delicious buttercream or ganache filling – anything else is just not authentic!

If you’re looking for the best French mac arons in Paris, then here are five of our favourites…

1. Ladurée

Ladurée is perhaps the most famous name when it comes to French mac arons, and their pretty boutique on the Champs-Élysées is always worth a visit. As well as enjoying Ladurée’s classic flavours such as rose petal and pistachio, you can also try some of their more inventive seasonal flavours too – past creations have included pumpkin spice and chestnut blossom. Delicious!

2. Pierre Hermé Paris


French Soap Souvenir

Regarding souvenirs from Paris, one of the most popular choices is French soap. Available in a wide range of scents and styles, these soaps make a great gift or personal memento of your trip to the City of Light.

French soap is made from natural ingredients like olive oil, beeswax, and essential oils, which makes it much gentler on the skin than conventional soaps. French soaps also tend to have a higher olive oil content than other types of soap, which gives them a luxurious lather that leaves skin feeling clean but not dry.

There are literally hundreds of different French soaps to choose from, so you’re sure to find one (or more!) that suits your taste. Popular scents include lavender (a classic choice for relaxation), rose (for a romantic touch), and citrus (to invigorate and refresh). You can also find French soaps in fun shapes like hearts and flowers, or with interesting textures like poppy seeds or she a butter for exfoliation.

When shopping for French soap, be sure to look for brands that use traditional production methods like cold processing (which preserves the beneficial properties of the ingredients) and hand-cut molding (for an artisanal touch). Some of our favorite French soap makers include Marius Fabre, L’Occitane en Provence, and Savonnerie de Bormes.

If you’re looking for an authentic Parisian souvenir (or just want to treat yourself to some luxurious pampering), pick up some French soap on your next trip!

Stamped Book from Shakespeare & Company

Shakespeare & Company is a world-renowned bookstore located in the heart of Paris. Founded in 1951 by George Whitman, it is one of the most famous English-language bookstores in the world. Located on the Left Bank of the Seine, Shakespeare & Company has become a mecca for book-lovers from all over the globe.

In addition to its vast selection of books, Shakespeare & Company is also known for its unique atmosphere. The store is filled with nooks and crannies, and visitors can often find themselves curled up with a good book in one of the many cozy corners. The store also hosts regular events, such as readings and discussions with authors.

One of the most popular items to buy at Shakespeare & Company is a stamped book. For a small fee, visitors can have their book stamped with the store’s iconic logo. The stamped books are then placed on shelves around the store, creating a beautiful and unique display.

French Baguette Accessories

Regarding choosing the perfect French baguette accessories, the options are endless. However, there are a few key items that every baker needs in order to create the perfect baguette. Here is a list of essential French baguette accessories:

1. A good quality baking stone or tile. This is one of the most important tools for creating evenly baked baguettes with a crispy crust. Be sure to preheat your baking stone or tile in the oven before placing your dough on it.

2. A large, sharp serrated knife for slicing through the crusty exterior of the bread without squishing it.

3. A clean cotton dish towel or tea towel, dampened with water and wrung out well, for shaping your dough into rounds before baking. The moisture helps to keep the dough from sticking to your hands and makes it easier to shape into rounds.

4 .A pastry brush for lightly brushing water on to the top of each round of dough before baking, which helps create a cris pier crust.

Picasso Cubist Souvenirs

There are few artist who have had as much of an impact on the art world as Pablo Picasso. His unique style and vision has inspired artists for generations, and his work continues to be some of the most sought after by collectors. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in Paris, home to many of Picasso’s most famous works, you may be wondering what sort of souvenir you should bring back from such a special place.

Regarding Picasso souvenirs, there is no shortage of options. You can find everything from keychains and magnets to mugs and t-shirts featuring the legendary artist’s work. But if you’re looking for something a little more unique, consider investing in a piece of cubist art.

Cubism was a groundbreaking artistic movement that was spearheaded by Picasso and Georges Braque in the early 20 t h century. This new style challenged traditional perspectives by depicting objects from multiple viewpoints simultaneously. It was revolutionary at the time and remains one of the most influential movements in modern art today.

If you’re interested in purchasing a cubist souvenir, there are several different types of artworks to choose from. Prints are perhaps the most popular option, as they tend to be relatively affordable and easy to transport home. Paintings are another popular choice among collectors, though they can be quite expensive depending on the size and complexity of the piece. Sculptures are also available, though they can be difficult to find outside of major museums or galleries specializing in Picasso’s work.

No matter which type of cubist artwork you choose, make sure it comes with a certificate of authenticity so that you can be confident in your purchase.

Tea Souvenirs from Mariage Freres

Regarding tea, the French know their stuff. And no one does it better than Mariage Freres. This iconic Parisian tea company has been around since 1854, and today, its teas are enjoyed by people all over the world.

If you’re planning a trip to Paris, be sure to swing by Mariage Freres and pick up some tea souvenirs for your friends and family back home. Trust us, they’ll be glad you did!

Here are some of our favorite Mariage Freres teas to take home as gifts:

1. L’Earl Grey Suprême – This is a classic Earl Grey tea that’s been expertly blended with high-quality bergamot oil. It’s perfect for anyone who loves a good cup of Earl Grey tea.

2. La Vert Provence – This refreshing green tea is infused with lavender flowers from Provence. It’s perfect for anyone who loves herbaceous teas.

3. Le Thé des Amants – This romantic blend of black and white teas is flavored with strawberries and vanilla bean extract. It’s perfect for anyone who could use a little more love in their life!

French Candy Souvenirs

If you’re planning a trip to Paris, or even if you’re just dreaming about one, it’s never too early to start thinking about what souvenirs you might want to bring home. And if you have a sweet tooth, French candy is the perfect way to indulge yourself – and your friends and family back home.

There are so many delicious options to choose from that it can be hard to know where to start. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our guide to the best French candy souvenirs. From classic sweets like caramels and nougat, to more unusual treats like lavender honey or chocolate-covered orange peel, there’s something for everyone on this list.

So what are you waiting for? Start planning your shopping list now!

1. Caramels au Beurre Salé

These salty-sweet caramels are a true taste of Brittany, and make for an addictive snack or dessert. They’re made by boiling sugar and butter with salt from the Guerande marshes until it forms a thick caramel syrup, which is then poured into moulds and left to cool. The result is a chewy caramel with a deep flavour that’s both salty and sweet – an irresistible combination!

2. Nougat de Montélimar

Montélimar is famous for its nougat, a deliciously soft confection made from honey, almonds and pistachios. It’s thought that this sweet treat originated in the Middle East before making its way westwards via the Silk Road trade route – and we’re very glad it did! These days Montélimar nougat comes in all sorts of flavours (including rosemary and violet), but the classic version – made with almonds, pistachios and honey – is still our favourite.

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