The Places You Should Avoid in Paris

Paris is a beautiful and historic city that has something to offer everyone. However, there are a few areas that you should avoid if you want to stay safe and have a good time. Here are four places to avoid in Paris:

The first place you should avoid is the area around the Gare du Nord train station. This area is known for being unsafe, particularly at night. There have been reports of muggings and pick pocketing in this area, so it’s best to steer clear.

Another area to avoid is the La Chapelle neighborhood. This area is home to many immigrants, and it can be quite dangerous. There have been reports of violence and crime in this neighborhood, so it’s best to avoid it if you can.

Another place you should be careful of is the Montmartre district. This district is known for being a bit seedy, and there have been reports of prostitution and drug dealing in the area. If you don’t want to get caught up in any trouble, it’s best to stay away from Montmartre.

Gare du Nord Gare de l’Est area in the evening (located in the 10 t h arrondissement)

The Gare du Nord/Gare de l’Est area in the evening can be a bit dangerous. It is located in the 10 t h arrondissement, which is known for being a bit of a rough area. There are often pickpockets and muggers in this area, so it is best to avoid it if possible. If you must go through this area, be sure to keep your belongings close and be aware of your surroundings.

Chtelet les Halles in the evening (located in the first arrondissement)

Chatelet les Halles is a large public square and transit hub in Paris’ first arrondissement. It is a popular gathering place for young people in the evening, and as such, can be quite noisy and rowdy. It is also known for its many pickpockets and petty criminals, so it is best to avoid this area after dark.

Northern 19 t h arrondissement in the evening

The 19 t h arrondissement of Paris is located on the Right Bank of the city, north of the center. It is a popular district with tourists and locals alike, known for its many parks and gardens, as well as its nightlife and vibrant atmosphere. However, there are some areas of the 19 t h that should be avoided in the evening, particularly around Place de la Chapelle and Rue de la Chapelle. This is due to increased crime rates in these areas, as well as a higher concentration of homeless people and beggars. If you are looking to enjoy a safe and enjoyable evening out in the 19 t h arrondissement, stick to busy areas such as Montmartre or Canal Saint-Martin.

Porte de Montreuil after dark (in the 20 t h arrondissement)

If you’re looking for a place to avoid in Paris, the 20 t h arrondissement’s Porte de Montreuil is probably it. After dark, this area can be quite dangerous, with muggers and other criminals lurking around every corner. Even during the daytime, it’s not a particularly safe place to be, so it’s best to steer clear if you can help it.

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